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Pedal Customizer Software

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Version 1.6.1

for Windows XP/Vista/7/8
and Mac OS X 10.4+ (64-bit Intel)

It's easy:
  • Plug in your Stereo Pedal with the included USB cable
  • Launch Pedal Customizer™ software
  • Select the effect from the list and click the Update button
  • Now your pedal is a new effect!
Problems? See Troubleshooting

With Pedal Customizer™ software, you can transform your Stereo Pedal from Neunaber Technology into ANY of these effects, as often as you like!
  • Wet™ Stereo Reverb
    • Trails or Normal bypass
    • Low Modulation version
    • with Modulation knob*
  • Chroma™ Stereo Chorus
    • Dual micro-pitch shift with regeneration control
    • Dual micro-pitch shift with tone control
    • Standard chorus with rate and depth controls*
  • Updated! Wet™ Shimmer Reverb*
    • with Shimmer Level knob
    • with Shimmer Tune knob
  • Echelon™ Stereo Echo*
    • Stock Echo, mono or stereo golden-ratio ping-pong
    • Scatter Echo, modulated with scatter repeats, mono or stereo golden-ratio ping-pong
    • New! Soft Scatter Echo with soft-attack repeats responds dynamically to your playing
    • Digital Delay with adjustable stereo ping-pong ratio
  • Infinity Hold
    • with Hold Tone knob
    • with Always-On Reverb Level knob*
  • Swap center/right knobs on any effect
  • New! Virtual Trim Pot Tone control (on *effects above)
Beta or experimental effects are currently under development in the Neunaber labs and are subject to change. Please send us your feedback.


Echelon™ Echo, Modulated & Max Scatter by Jean Baudin

Wet™ Shimmer Reverb by Joey Brocken, shimmer fades in at 0:07


Pedal Customizer Introduction by Brian Neunaber

Pedal Customizer Advanced Programming by Brian Neunaber