Wet™ Stereo Reverb Pedal
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Simple yet surprisingly versatile, the Wet™ Reverb has been described by users as "organic", "haunting", and a "choir of angels"—seriously, we can't make this stuff up.

The Wet™ Stereo Reverb has the same great reverb sound as the mono Wet™ Reverb and adds a tone control, expression pedal inputs, and compatibility with Pedal Customizer™ software.

It works great in mono: simply plug into the Input 1 and Output 1. Or, you can create a stereo output from a mono input—the Wet™ Stereo Reverb routes the dry signal to both outputs and adds stereo reverb. And, of course, the Wet™ Stereo Reverb will add stereo reverb to a stereo input from a stereo chorus or delay. The stereo input will be preserved when routed to the stereo outputs.

  • Stereo or mono input and output
  • Mix, Depth, and Tone (Δ) controls
  • Updateable with Pedal Customizer™ software for PC and Mac
  • Expression inputs for both Mix and Depth (1/4"-to-3.5mm adapter sold separately)
  • Buffered trails bypass (can be changed to no trails using Pedal Customizer™)
  • Very high input impedance: no "tone suck"
  • Analog dry signal for low noise and zero latency
  • Small footprint
  • Made in Orange County, California USA


Check out our YouTube Channel for video demos.


Phoenix by Jean Baudin, subtle usage, Wet™ Stereo Reverb is the only effect

Lost by Jean Baudin, more obvious usage, Wet™ Stereo Reverb is the main effect starting 0:35

Sample 1 by Eli Friedmann, recorded with stereo DI

Sample 2 by Eli Friedmann, recorded through two amps

Sample 3 by Eli Friedmann, with fuzz, recorded with stereo DI